A collection of cycling routes built with Mapbox and Leaflet.

 Sermons and other writing.

 A local instance of the DAViCal calendar sharing and address book server.
 Worksheets for calculating clergy compensation in the Episcopal Church.
 A moderated Minecraft server for members of the Episcopal Youth Community and their friends.
  The Episcocraft server is currently running 1.16.4 from The server address is

evoting ballot
 An electronic ballot using PHPMailer.

 A forum with user login, PHPMailer, and mysql.

 Proxima c email through a Roundcube web client.

 The Proxima c server is currently running 1.16.5 from The server address is

name game
 A family classic in digital form. Based on the forum software.

standard notes
 An open-source, secure, cross-platform notes application. The Proxima c syncing server address is

proxima b
 The closest known, possibly habitable exoplanet.

ssh-chat [offline]
 To connect, type ssh -p 2022 at the shell prompt in your terminal.
  The server's RSA key fingerprint is SHA256:S7nLYMHoWwGorqqifwaGhY5f5AEq5Hd+n8luwj0brNI.

2021 [?]